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    The Pain and Drama of McCain & Obama

    ...And His Dog Wears a Diamond-Studded Collar!

    Our fearless Professor Colin was exposed in a letter by Dom Mozzoccoli to the Hartford Courant today as a Liberal Elitist for daring to attack Joe the Poignant and Level-Headed Plumber. For shame! What's next, Colin, a $79,000 shopping spree at Neiman Marcus???


    Stopping the Hemorrhage

    It's interesting that both John McCain and Sarah Palin made appearances on Late Night and Saturday Night Live, respectively, in the past week or so. Despite what they say, neither candidate probably wanted to be there, but they were probably told by their advisors that it was a necessary evil. McCain, of course, made his own bed by blowing David Letterman off on the premise of whisking off to Washington to help with the Bailout Bill (which Letterman exposed as a farce), while Palin became the butt end of a pretty good imitation by Tina Fey that gains SNL millions of new viewers every time she performs. Clearly the Republican candidates underestimated the political clout Letterman and SNL can carry, and their current strategy is intended to show that they can take a joke, but it's risky and it could backfire on them. When McCain appeared on Letterman and told him "I screwed up", he may have thought he sounded sincere, but he actually validated three weeks of dialogue and reminded everyone of a mistake he probably would've just as soon forgot. Sarah Palin probably would have been better off as well if she stayed away from SNL until after the election, because if anything she just gave them more material to work with. It's kind of like going to the high school cafeteria and sitting down at a table where nobody likes you--they may be nice to your face but as soon as you turn your back the mocking and ridicule starts. (Not that I know anything about that.) So while their intentions may be admirable, I just don't see them getting a big push from these experiences. At this point they might've been better off continuing to ignore these comedic distractions and acting as if their campaign is too important to worry about what's being said about them, because they came across as edgy and they appeared to be caving in to the pressure.


    Lie Hard: The Sequel

    Click Here to see how I spend my Saturday nights...


    A Roto-Rooter Job

    I found this John Oliver bit on The Daily Show while surfing around in Courtney's world. It's doggone funny but it also drives home a point about the media bloodbath...  



    I know we're moving on from the gender discussion this week, but I thought this blog on Huffington Post sort of emphasizes the difference between a man and a woman running for office. Does anyone ever comment on how Barack Obama's or Joe Biden's foundation looks on camera? Meow! It's enough to make a person blush!

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