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    Initial Thoughts

    Note: This post is a copy of an email I sent to Team Jindal on Wednesday. Just thought I should throw it up on the blog (not literally) so that I can show that I haven't just been sitting around in my boxers watching Nickelodeon the past three days. I will hopefully be resuming blogging tomorrow now that I am back in town and have Internet access again.

    Initial thoughts:

    • Along the 50 state/435 district strategy lines, I think one method could be to staff each of our Jindal District HQ office with young, computer savvy volunteers to serve as local bloggers and vloggers. These volunteers are plugged into Jindal HQ through Twitter or similar technology and can be dispatched whenever a presidential candidate makes an appearance in their district, to cover news storyin their districtperceived by Jindal HQ to be of impact to the campaign, and, conversely, to write/film about issues to alert Jindal HQ of rising issues or news stories that otherwise could catch the campaign off guard. These volunteers would also spend a significant amount of time surfing blogs and emails looking for emerging memes that could be damaging to the Jindal image, and work to thwart off anything viral before it picks up speed on the internet. This includes oversight of wiki entries andGoogle management.
    • As a sports-minded consultant,I think there is an excellent opportunity to benefit from BJ's youth and energy. I would propose acampaign theme along the lines of "America: Strong, Fit, and Lean" or something similar. Strong, meaning strong military and defense, strong infrastructure, strong economy. Fit, meaning physical fitness (i.e. combating child obesity), mental fitness (fixing the No Child Left Behind program and upgradingthe educational programs in our cities, combating Alzheimer's to court the elderly vote), and perhaps even spiritual fitness, promoting traditional family values and the role of God in marriage, inviting open discussions about religious diversity in America and working to disrupt the cycle of religious brainwashing that is the backbone of Al Qaeda. Lean, meaning cutting back on government waste, fraud, and abuse, and demanding the same from Wall Street and MainStreet alike.
    • Some early media ops: Between now and 2010, we want BJ andhis family to engage in an exerciseprogram and healthy diet, if they aren't doing so already. We want to establish working relationship with other fitness-minded Republicans, especially Gov. Schwarzenegger of California, who could become a key ally and perhaps a cabinet appointment after BJ's election. The Winter Olympics come to Vancouver inwinter 2010--we want to contact the IOC as early as possible to see if we can get the torch to run through Louisiana and get the Jindal family to carry it. I'd also like to seek out anopportunity to challenge the Obama administration in a White House basketball pickup game after Obama has the presidential basketball court renovated, whichhe supposedly is planning to do.

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