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    Only the Name has Changed

    Now that my Media and Presidential Election class is over at Trinity,
    it's time I returned back to my main page, which was formally known as
    "A Slug's Life". I've since renamed it "The Wading Pool" but I'll
    probably name it something else when I think of something better. I'm
    planning to do some upgrades in the near future but it might have to
    wait until the New Year since I'm scheduled to work 17-hour days for 7
    of the next 9 days and then I'll be driving to Ohio shortly after
    Christmas. It doesn't help that I can't access this site from work
    anymore because Squarespace is much too sophisticated to bother with
    anyone who is running Internet Explorer 6, and when I tried to shame our
    IT vendors into upgrading to IE 7 they pretty much pooh-pooh'd me. (Have
    you ever been pooh-pooh'd? It's rather irksome.) So the best I can do is
    post from my email, which doesn't allow embedded files or hot links and
    is actually pretty boring. Maybe it's time to leave Squarespace and find
    another sea to swim in. We'll see.

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