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    Silversun Pickups Coming to Hartford!

    This is really cool. I've been tracking the Silversun Pickups' touring circuit on Facebook ever since falling in love with their song Panic Switch on Radio 104.1, but until now they've been playing either in Europe or in the Midwest. All of a sudden they're making an appearance at the Webster Theater in Hartford on October 20th, with Cage the Elephant and An Horse opening for them. (I've heard of Cage the Elephant, they do that song No Rest for the Wicked. I never heard of An Horse before, and it seems like a strange name for a band, but I suppose it's better than an horse with no name.) As for the SSPU, they seem to be gathering a growing and devoted following, and deservedly so. I listen to a good deal of modern rock despite being on the verge of becoming an old fart, and while some of it is silly and some of it is grating, these guys (and gal) have a real tight sound and all the elements to really bust out in the near future. I'm looking forward to seeing them, even if it is on a Tuesday night. (Blech!)

    Here's a video of their song Substitution that has been nominated for an mTV "Woodie of the Year" award: