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    Tickets On Sale Now!!!

    Announcing the 2009 Miami Dolphins Halftime Extravaganza!

    Featuring the fabulous, singing and dancing Limited Partners:


    Gloria Estefan...


    J-Lo and Marc Anthony...



    Special Guests: Dancing with the Stars' Jason Taylor...


    ...and headlined by that lovable folk-singing booze-hound,

    Jimmy Buffett

    performing live in Land Shark Stadium!


    Singing his new song, DanMarinoville:

    Wasting away again in DanMarinoville

    Wishing we could end our Super Bowl drought

    Some people claim that Tommy Brady's to blame

    But I know, it's our own damn fault.


    Die-Hard Dolphins fans, see Bill Parcells weep out loud on the JumboTron! Follow the 3-D aerial cam of Wayne Huzienga laughing all the way to the bank! And...for the first time ever...witness exclusive footage on the FOX Digger-Cam of Joe Robbie rolling over in his grave! (Just be thankful that new owner Stephen Ross didn't sell part of the franchise to ZZ Top, or your venue might've been renamed "Tube Snake Stadium". )

    Tickets are just $99.99 each. And with every purchase you receive--free of charge--admission to one Miami Dolphins NFL game! That's right, they play football there, too! Don't wait--order today!