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    Vegas, Baby!!!

    Well, we did it! Our pool team finally made it through the CT state championships and qualified for the national 9 ball APA tournament in August. Woo-hoo! We actually had a chance to qualify for both 8-Ball and 9-Ball national tournaments, but we lost in the 8-Ball state finals, just one step away. For a while it looked like we were going to come up empty in 9-Ball, too, as I got our team off on the wrong foot in the semi-finals and we had to overcome a pretty big hole to advance to the finals. But we did, and then we rolled through the finals (without my help) to qualify for the first time in like 7 or 8 years. So we are stoked! Our team is called Rack 'n Roll, and you can follow our exploits through the APA website, the CT APA website, or maybe even the Las Vegas Police Dept. website. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, especially if you get convicted...