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    No Stress

    So here's what happened at the doctor's today...absolutely nothing! I took an hour off from work...PERSONAL TIME, mind you...didn't drink any @#$!@% coffee all @#$!% morning...didn't eat any #$%@#! breakfast either...waited until 10:00 a.m., drove a half hour through Hartford and New Britain to the doctor's office...couldn't find a @#$%! PARKING SPACE anywhere...went inside and checked in with the receptionist...she told me...GET THIS...the effin' imaging camera was broken...they couldn't do the STRESS TEST...and I would have to RESCHEDULE...and OH BY THE WAY would Monday at 11:30 be acceptable?  Hey, I got a good mind to tell them where to stick their imaging camera!!! Matter of fact, I don't REALLY think I NEED a @#$%! STRESS test ANYWAY!!!!  Crying.

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