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    Kiddie Roasters

    Last Sunday, the Hartford Courant published an article entitled "Kids Fatally Forgotten: Punishing the Adults" which focused on a growing problem of children left in automobiles in the summertime, left to die when the temperature inside the car soars. Having some free time on my hands that day (I was at work), I wrote a letter to the Courant in response to the article (on my lunch break, if my boss is reading this). Today that article was published on the editorial page--the title of my letter is "Use Technology to Save Children" (3rd story down on this link.)

    This afternoon I received an email from the Letters editor at the Courant, saying there was a response to my letter. I get a little leary when I hear that, because no matter how you write something there is someone who is going to take it the wrong way, and in the past I've had people accuse me of being a bigot (which I'm not) as well as leave mysterious packages on my doorstep (which were actually harmless, but you never know.) This guy who emailed the Letters editor was adamant about getting in touch with me, and for good reason:  he had written a paper on the use of photo-voltaic cells in automobiles that could help drive certain functions, like drive a ventilation fan, even when the car is not running. With his permission, I will post his paper on the Blog Sea within the next day or so. It's just such a smart idea that would prevent young babies from being cooked inside cars.

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