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    Johnathan Papelbon Has No Lips

    I'm sorry, Red Sox fans, but it's true. Just look at him next time he's on the mound. It's almost scary. No wonder he has so many saves. He looks like a Jack O'Lantern out on the mound. Very Halloweeny. papelbon2.jpg

    By the way, I was looking for a good lipless picture of him on-line and this was the best I could find, from his own website banner. It doesn't really do the scary lip thing justice. While I was surfing around, however, I found a site called The Joy of Sox, which pretty much sums up how zoned in (I'm searching for the right words here...Closed-minded? Rabid? Crazed? Hysterical? You have to live in the region to appreciate the lunacy.) Anyway, this guy is no doubt playing on The Joy of Sex title, but you have to wonder if he really knows the difference...better put on your gloves before taking the remote from him, folks! I mean, look at his survey:  It says "World Series" and it gives four choices: Red Sox in 4, Red Sox in 5, Red Sox in 6, or Red Sox in 7.  Oh, and by the way, make sure you vote for Fidel Castro too!

    (P.S. Papelbon's website has an intro that shows him in an Orioles shirt. There's still time to mend your ways, Johnathan, and become the Oriole you were always meant to be...)

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