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    Gotta Get Me a-Mowin'!

    lawnmower.jpgTried to buy this fine specimen of a lawnmower today. My old mower shit the proverbial bed this week, hardly a month after I paid 70-sumthin'-odd-dollars to git her fixed. (I'm sorry, I'm trying not to sound like a redneck here.) Anyways, I figger I need a new mower because anudder 70 bucks would be like half a mower already, plus a week ana half to git 'er fixed  and the grass will be up to my knickers. (Okay, now I am trying to sound like a redneck.) Problem is, something is screwy on my Sears credit card because it wouldn't let me complete the sale, even though I have plenty of credit. (Honest!) Can't remember the last time I cut the grass, but I think it was some time in June. Until I get my lawnmower dilemma straighten out, all I can do is watch the grass grow and wait for one of those go.petition.com documents to come my way! (Please mow your muddereffin' grass today, honky!)

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