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    Crooked Refs

    donaghyDoes anybody really believe for a second that NBA Referee/clown Tim Donaghy is the first crooked referee ever in the history of professional sports? The sports media world and NBA Commissioner David Stern seem to think he is. In situations like this I generally believe the "Iceberg Rule", meaning for every guy who is nabbed there are 10 others getting away with it.  Didn't you ever wonder how the bookies can be so accurate with their point spreads, either in basketball or football? And with all the all the betting placed on college sports, does anyone really think the NCAA is immune?  From a mob point of view (not that I would know, but I did watch the Godfather series on AMC last weekend), it's probably a whole lot easier to suck in some poor slob ref than a professional celebrity-type sports figure or some college kid. A crooked player on a team can have some effect, but a dirty ref can have a much more profound effect on the outcome of the game. One bad call can tip the scoreboard either way, and if you argue with the ref you can get penalized, tossed, or fined. (Or all of the above.) If you're a mobster trying to fix a game, a dirty ref is a dream come true!

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