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    Two Weeks to Go

    So what are you doing for Inauguration Day? Driving around town with a Dubya beenie baby tied to the bumper of your pickup truck? Meeting Scooter Libby for lunch at the Pardon Moi Cafe? Sleeping out at the governor's mansion in Dover with a suitcase full of cash hoping to get first dibs on Joe Biden's vacated senatorial seat? If you're planning to go to the Inauguration event in Washington D.C., you'd better have more than one suitcase of cash, because tickets have been running upwards of 20 G's from some online ticket brokers (although one guy on ebay has a sweet deal for just $6,000!) If you are planning on going, you'd better get a move on with your plans, because there are only two weeks remaining until what promises to be the biggest Tuesday celebration until, well, Fat Tuesday. The Presidential Inauguration Committee has a website that includes a schedule of events, including the much-anticipated Black Tie and Boot-in-the-Seat-of-Your-Pants ceremony for outgoing lame duck George W. Bush. As for me, I think I'll just sit back and watch it all on TV while sipping on a flute of Obama champagne. Cheers!


    I Resolve...to Blog!

    It's four days into the New Year and so far I haven't committed to any resolutions, and although I'm faced with fighting the usual foibles (is that an alliteration? I love alliterations...) I thought this year I should try something new in the self-correction department. Maybe I can't shed 50 pounds or quit drinking Colt 45's for breakfast or keep the toilet as clean as I would like or stop blurting obscenities in dark movie theaters, but I can blog. It's been nearly four weeks since my Media and Presidential Elections class ended and about three weeks since I last blogged to the Blog Sea, and that just doesn't cut it in the blogosphere. I know that. My Trinity class helped to give my blog a sense of purpose and requirement, but now that it's done I need to reinvigorate my efforts on my own and establish some kind of identity for the Blog Sea, because prior to the class I was sort of drifting with the currents. Was this a political blog? At times. A current events blog? Often, but not as much as it could have been. A sports blog? For sure. An entertainment blog? A humorous blog? I'd like to think so.  But while I never committed to one "genre" of blog, I guess deep down I've always felt that my blog is a writer's journal more than anything. Recently I had often shied away from blogging because I felt I not only had to write about something, I also had to research links and fins appropriate pics or, more recently, videos to embed.  These can be important elements to make blogs more entertaining, and I certainly want to make the Blog Sea interesting, but as a writer I need to write, first and foremost.  So that's what I'm going to try to do. And because this is a journal more than anything, I'm going to try to give it more of a personal touch as well. For instance, I hope to make a concerted effort to finish editing my novel early this year and then attempt to find a publisher, and that's a process that I might like to document here. If I have no success I might even try some self-publishing throught this blog, since that capability is what attracted me to Squarespace in the first place. But the bottom line is that I need to blog here, three or four times a week minimum, about sports or politics or movies or whatever, and let the traffic statistics fall where they may. As a writer, it's about all I can do anyway. 


    A Breath of Life

    OK, I'll admit it.  As far as the Blog Sea is concerned, I've been kind of a beached whale. (Is anyone here a marine biologist?) But there is hope. My latest class at Trinity College with nutty psuedo-professor Colin McEnroe of Hartford Courant and WTIC-AM fame is all about the upcoming presidential elections, and the vast majority of the class is conducted in Blog World.  Well, the Blog Sea is part of the Blog World, and if there's one thing I've learned from blogging in the Blog Sea, it's that it helps to have a porpoise. (Pun intended.) So I'm going to be switching my front page over to my class blog page for the next few months, and hopefully my activity over there will have a trickle-down effect to this page, a la Reaganomics. My class page will be appropriately titled, "The Pain and Drama of McCain and Obama". Hope to see you there! 

    Bank of Fools

    What is up with Bank of America? I go there to make a simple deposit, walk into the lobby and look around for a deposit slip. All I see is a friggin' coffee station. So I figure, that's okay, I'll just get a slip at the teller's window, there's only two people in line and one of them is eye-candy, so I'm in no rush. All of a sudden, this manager-type lady comes up to me and says, "Can I help you find something?". I murmur something about a deposit slip, then she sees my wallet full of cash (like that happens every day), ad she says, "Oh, a cash deposit? Follow me." I figure she's taking me to the speedo-line, but she leads me out the front door to the ATM, where the line is three deep. She says, "Normally a deposit at this time would credit the next business day, but at the ATM it does it immediately! Would you like me to show you how?" I respond that I already know how to make an ATM deposit, thank you, and she says, "On the new system?" And I'm thinking, it must be in Egyptian heiroglyphics if she thinks I can't figure it out on my own. Then she sees how SLOW the atm line is moving, and she says, "or you can go to the drive-thru window."

    Hey, no shit, Sherlock--I already figured that out, too, but it's three -deep as well! I told her--politely, mind you--that I went inside because I didn't have my account number, just  my ATM card, and then she says, "Well, they can take that too," and she goes back inside. Like, "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, sir!" I ended up driving away without making the deposit, thinking to myself, "What the hell just happened here???"


    Jibbin' & Jabbin'

    The boys from Jib Jab are at it again! 







    This time it's Obama & McCain...


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