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    Talk about prima donnas. Red Sox First Baseman Kevin Youkalis tried to field a pop fly in the 9th inning of the Red Sox-Orioles game Saturday afternoon, drifting to the edge of the right grandstands to make the play. The ball drifted into the first row of the stands, and the fan sitting in its path naturally made an attempt to grab a souvenir. You know, like fans do. Youkalis had his glove over the fans' hand but still failed to make the grab, and the ball bounced on the ground to preserve the Orioles' at bat. Youkalis then screamed at the fan, and moments later Security escorted the poor sap out of the stands. Way to go, Yook. Nice of you to pay tribute to your fans who help pay your salary. Never mind that you were reaching into the stands, and that this guy was just trying to make a play on a ball that was ready to drop on his head. At least you covered your ass for what should have been scored an error.


    Moving Up the Charts...

    Hartford recently placed #68 on list of Men's Health's America's Drunkest Cities. #68? You’re just not trying hard enough, Hartford! The Men’s Health list ranked 100 American cities  in terms of liver disease (which may or may not be related to alcohol), most binge drinking (for those who admit it), most death from DUI crashes (always a sobering statistic), most DUI arrests and least stringent DUI laws (which seems somewhat contradictory).

    Hartford was the only CT city on the list, which apparently is not a compilation of the 100 worst cities, because the magazine gave out grades ranging from F to A+ based on their scoring criteria, and if you live in CT you know that other cities like Bridgeport and New Haven would likely score worse than Hartford because there just ain’t that much nightlife here. Also curious is the fact that places like Newark, NJ and Cleveland, OH, two cities with much more reason to drink heavily than Hartford, placed better on the list. Boston, MA topped the charts with an A+ rating as the least drunken city, meaning whoever created this poll never went to a Red Sox game. Now if you add “number of fatalities from falling drunk out of the grandstands”, Beantown performs far worse on the charts.

    The problem with a list like this is that it gives the illusion that these are the 100 drunkest cities in the country, and you have to dig into the statistics to find that this isn't really what Men's Health is saying.  You don't give a city an A+ rating if it's one of the worse 100, right? But some dumb schmuck lawmaker or reporter is going to take a glance at this list (like the Hartford Courant did) and say, OMG, we're on "The List"!!! We must be doing something wrong!!! And the next thing you know, everyone's worked up into a tizzy about it, passing even more laws, running more roadblocks, spending more money, etc. Meanwhile, Men's Health magazine is publishing more lists on the same day as this one, including one entitled "The 40 Best and Worst Beers". Hmmm. Let's try them all and move up on The List!





    NFL Coach's Rap

    A bartender turned me onto this video by DJ Steve Porter, courtesy of You Tube. Here it is, in honor of tomorrow's Super Bowl between the Indianapolis Colts and New Orleans Saints.




    Silversun Pickups Coming to Hartford!

    This is really cool. I've been tracking the Silversun Pickups' touring circuit on Facebook ever since falling in love with their song Panic Switch on Radio 104.1, but until now they've been playing either in Europe or in the Midwest. All of a sudden they're making an appearance at the Webster Theater in Hartford on October 20th, with Cage the Elephant and An Horse opening for them. (I've heard of Cage the Elephant, they do that song No Rest for the Wicked. I never heard of An Horse before, and it seems like a strange name for a band, but I suppose it's better than an horse with no name.) As for the SSPU, they seem to be gathering a growing and devoted following, and deservedly so. I listen to a good deal of modern rock despite being on the verge of becoming an old fart, and while some of it is silly and some of it is grating, these guys (and gal) have a real tight sound and all the elements to really bust out in the near future. I'm looking forward to seeing them, even if it is on a Tuesday night. (Blech!)

    Here's a video of their song Substitution that has been nominated for an mTV "Woodie of the Year" award:




    Blog, Baby, Blog!

    My daytime computer just got upgraded to Internet Explorer 7, which is still behind the times (I think there's actually an IE8 available) but better than that archaic IE6 I've had to suffer with for the past year. The problem is that Squarespace had upgraded itself right out of the IE6 version, so I couldn't blog during the day anymore. And with beer to drink, TV to watch, and other lofty ambitions to pursue in the evening, who has time to blog anymore? Well, hopefully that'll change now.  Blog, baby, blog!