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    Rainbow in the Sun

    I saw an odd phenomenon on the way to work today. The sun was out and bright, but to the left of it was a small arc of rainbow colors. I could hardly see it without my sunglasses on because the sun was so bright, but it was definitely there. I googled "ring around the sun" and found that, while I had never really noticed one before, a ring around the sun is all that rare, and it usually means precipiation is on the way. Tomorrow we might get wholloped by the trough of a clipper storm, so I guess it's true. The sunlight is refracted off ice crystals in the atmosphere which can then be seen on Earth. Just thought it was pretty cool, except that I almost rear-ended someone on the highway while I was trying to look at it. Most guys have their driving distracted by girls in bikinis or something like that, for me it's refractive ice crystals in the atmosphere. I know, I'm hopeless.



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