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    So I was looking at my flatlined traffic report on this site today and noticed a bleep of over 1500 visits all on one day, January 4th (which was yesterday). I have no explanation for that but I am curious. I've been thinking abou this blog for a while, and although I haven't made a post for over three months (actually I thought it was longer than that) I've been itching to get back to it. Sure, I'm on Facebook, and I have a twitter account, but those aren't really conducive to writing things. I mean, if you start writing posts this long on your Facebook account you are going to be "de-friended" by 90% of your friends faster than you can say "Poke Me".  I occassionally go onto other websites like CBS Sports.com and msnbc.com to make comments on stories, but so much of that is just vicious chatter and back-biting, people trying to assert their opinions without opening their minds to anyone else's. So I'm thinking that maybe there's a place in cyberspace for the Blog Sea after all, that hasn't been reduced to 140 characters or sold out to Wall Street for $50 Gazillion. And besides, I'm still paying $12 a month for this site so I might as well use it. Now if only I could apply that logic to my health club...

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