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    Talk about prima donnas. Red Sox First Baseman Kevin Youkalis tried to field a pop fly in the 9th inning of the Red Sox-Orioles game Saturday afternoon, drifting to the edge of the right grandstands to make the play. The ball drifted into the first row of the stands, and the fan sitting in its path naturally made an attempt to grab a souvenir. You know, like fans do. Youkalis had his glove over the fans' hand but still failed to make the grab, and the ball bounced on the ground to preserve the Orioles' at bat. Youkalis then screamed at the fan, and moments later Security escorted the poor sap out of the stands. Way to go, Yook. Nice of you to pay tribute to your fans who help pay your salary. Never mind that you were reaching into the stands, and that this guy was just trying to make a play on a ball that was ready to drop on his head. At least you covered your ass for what should have been scored an error.

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