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    The Teardrop

    Yesterday I watched the Oliver Stone film "World Trade Center" starring Nicholas Cage, about two NY Port Authority policemen trapped under the rubble of the WTC . I also recently watched the film "United 93" about the doomed plane that was supposedly meant to crash into the U.S. Capitol on September 11th, 2001, but instead wound up in a Pennsylvania field. I have to admit, when these two films came out, I thought, "It's much too soon", and I was a little perturbed that someone was trying to cash in on our modern day Pearl Harbor. I must admit now, after watching both films, that both were done in good taste, and that each succeeded in the portrayal of American spirit and resolve without going overboard on the nationalism.  I'm also encouraged by our country's shift in perspective since the Obama administration took office, reducing our focus on Iraq and strengthening our efforts in Afghanistan with the ultimate goal of bringing bin Laden to justice, which is what we should have been doing all along. I remember hearing President Bush alluding to the notion that in the great scheme of the War on Terror that it didn't really matter whether we caught bin Laden or not, and I think that was the day that my support for his presidency was irretrievably lost.

    One of our greatest sins as Americans is that we often allow the fire in our belly to become placated by politics and bureaucracy, and by the salve of time that soothes our wounds one day at a time. The first film I produced in my filmmaking class was entitled, "But Will We Fade", and it juxtaposed President Bush's post-9/11 "We Will Not Falter" speech with shots of various flags and signs around my hometown, some displayed proudly but others torn to shreds, faded, or completely missing. Of course, it was my first film so I don't know how effectively it portrays my point, which is to question the fire in our belly nearly eight years later. I hope to post it here on my blog in the next few weeks. In the meantime, I'm enheartened to see presentations like this one that my father forwarded to my, about The Teardrop sculpture on display in New Jersey, in view of the Statue of Liberty and the old WTC site.   



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