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    I Resolve...to Blog!

    It's four days into the New Year and so far I haven't committed to any resolutions, and although I'm faced with fighting the usual foibles (is that an alliteration? I love alliterations...) I thought this year I should try something new in the self-correction department. Maybe I can't shed 50 pounds or quit drinking Colt 45's for breakfast or keep the toilet as clean as I would like or stop blurting obscenities in dark movie theaters, but I can blog. It's been nearly four weeks since my Media and Presidential Elections class ended and about three weeks since I last blogged to the Blog Sea, and that just doesn't cut it in the blogosphere. I know that. My Trinity class helped to give my blog a sense of purpose and requirement, but now that it's done I need to reinvigorate my efforts on my own and establish some kind of identity for the Blog Sea, because prior to the class I was sort of drifting with the currents. Was this a political blog? At times. A current events blog? Often, but not as much as it could have been. A sports blog? For sure. An entertainment blog? A humorous blog? I'd like to think so.  But while I never committed to one "genre" of blog, I guess deep down I've always felt that my blog is a writer's journal more than anything. Recently I had often shied away from blogging because I felt I not only had to write about something, I also had to research links and fins appropriate pics or, more recently, videos to embed.  These can be important elements to make blogs more entertaining, and I certainly want to make the Blog Sea interesting, but as a writer I need to write, first and foremost.  So that's what I'm going to try to do. And because this is a journal more than anything, I'm going to try to give it more of a personal touch as well. For instance, I hope to make a concerted effort to finish editing my novel early this year and then attempt to find a publisher, and that's a process that I might like to document here. If I have no success I might even try some self-publishing throught this blog, since that capability is what attracted me to Squarespace in the first place. But the bottom line is that I need to blog here, three or four times a week minimum, about sports or politics or movies or whatever, and let the traffic statistics fall where they may. As a writer, it's about all I can do anyway. 

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