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    For Whom the Rell Tolls

    With all of the doom and gloom hovering over the state of the printed press vs. the Internet these days, I'm kind of surprised that newspapers haven't made a concerted marketing campaign on the advantages of paper news over electronic news. For instance, you can't line the birdcage or wrap fish with the Internet, and it's much easier to sit on the throne Sunday morning with your favorite section of the paper than it is to surf the net with your laptop in your, er, lap. Plus if you just so happen to drop your mouse in the tank, you're done for! Here's the electonic version of a funny article about Gov. Jody Rell that I read while ruling my kingdom on the throne this morning, although I'm sure you could do without the visual. It's from Colin McEnroe of the Hartford Courant, my former professor, and no, I'm not just linking to him because I'm an apple-polisher whose grade is still pending!!!

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