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    Bank of Fools

    What is up with Bank of America? I go there to make a simple deposit, walk into the lobby and look around for a deposit slip. All I see is a friggin' coffee station. So I figure, that's okay, I'll just get a slip at the teller's window, there's only two people in line and one of them is eye-candy, so I'm in no rush. All of a sudden, this manager-type lady comes up to me and says, "Can I help you find something?". I murmur something about a deposit slip, then she sees my wallet full of cash (like that happens every day), ad she says, "Oh, a cash deposit? Follow me." I figure she's taking me to the speedo-line, but she leads me out the front door to the ATM, where the line is three deep. She says, "Normally a deposit at this time would credit the next business day, but at the ATM it does it immediately! Would you like me to show you how?" I respond that I already know how to make an ATM deposit, thank you, and she says, "On the new system?" And I'm thinking, it must be in Egyptian heiroglyphics if she thinks I can't figure it out on my own. Then she sees how SLOW the atm line is moving, and she says, "or you can go to the drive-thru window."

    Hey, no shit, Sherlock--I already figured that out, too, but it's three -deep as well! I told her--politely, mind you--that I went inside because I didn't have my account number, just  my ATM card, and then she says, "Well, they can take that too," and she goes back inside. Like, "don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out, sir!" I ended up driving away without making the deposit, thinking to myself, "What the hell just happened here???"

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