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    The King of Beers is Belgian

    AEagle_frontpage.jpgAmericana continues to go bankrupt in the name of globalization. This time it's St. Louis-based Anheuser-Busch Corporation, which was bought out by the Belgian InBev Corporation for $52 Billion today. Lots of people are up in arms seeing their prized Red-White and Blue-White beer bottles now turning a profit for a European conglomerate. The fuss shouldn't be about the blow to our American psyche, like some people want to make it. "What's next?" they lament. "Apple pie?"  The problem runs deeper than our nation's self-image, however, although that shouldn't be lightly either. You just have to start wondering, with our dollar so weak and our government continuing its "come-and-get-it" mentality in regard to our resources, our money, and our jobs, when will it start to turn back in our favor? And will there be anything left? In the meantime, if your heart is set on drinking American beer, drink a microbrewed beer instead--they taste better, anyway!

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