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    "Ah'll Be Baack"

    OK, as far as stupidity goes, this lady rivals the guy in high heels running with an egg on a spoon for Hannah Montana tickets (see post below).  A 69-year-old East Windsor, CT woman was recently suspended for one year from driving, given three years probation, and ordered to complete a mental health counseling program during her probation period after pleading no contest to first degree criminal mischief. Why? Well, she drove her car through the front door of the East Windsor Police Station last year, that's why! Here's what police reported to the Superior Court in Enfield, according to the Hartford Courant: On Sept. 12th, 2007, Lillian Dunn drove into the rear parking lot of the police station "with a blanket over her head to conceal her identity". Finding nobody there, she "sped around to the front and struck the building". An officer went out to investigate, so she backed up and tried to run him over, striking the building a second time. The cop tried to stop her again, but this time she just flipped him "the bird" and tore off. Or, as The Terminator would say, "Fook yoo, ahhhsole."  Unfortunately, Mrs. Dunn didn't get her head smashed in a drill press the The Terminator, she was simply arrested a block away.  Way to do us proud, Grandma, and thanks for the great sweater last Christmas!Ahhnold.jpg




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