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    Kind of a "Drag"

    Here's a candidate for the 2008 Moron of the Year award. Today the Hartford Courant printed an article about Garrett A. Dalton, a 41-year-old Naugatuck, CT man who works as a CT Dept of Corrections officer. Seems the guy was arrested and charged for workers compensation fraud because he collected over $5,000 in disability benefits last year, while the state contends he was fit and able to perform the functions of his job. He wasn't nabbed driving balls at the golf course or seen hauling sheetrock out of the Home Depot, Hannah%20Montana%202.jpgmind you. He was spotted in a TV news report dressed in women's clothing and wearing high-heels, running a 40-yard-dash carrying an egg on a spoon in an attempt to win tickets to a Hannah Montana concert (which he didn't). Ouch! I guess if you're going to blow your State job to hell, you might as well do it with some panache, but ol' Garrett might want to refrain from writing that story in the "reason for leaving" box on his next job application...

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