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    Suffer the American Gladiators

    The Writers' Strike is over. The Writers Guild has announced that it has reached agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers that has been ratified by its membership. Congratulations, writers! Look for the ratings of reality shows lilke American Gladiators (if you call that reality) to plummet back to pre-idiot levels. It's not quite a done deal yet but it should be by Wednesday, when individual writers of both the East and West coast Guilds cast their ballots. Look for a bevy of activity from Hollywood and New York once the strike is officially settled--there are a lot of antsy producers and studios itching to get back to work, and my guess Oscars2008.jpgis the writers have a three-month stockpile to draw upon from being idle so long. Writers may go on strike, but they're still writers--they don't just shut off the creative juices because the Guild tells them to stop working. You can bet the impending Acadamy Awards had an awful lot to do with the settlement, because if the Oscars had been cancelled and the Screen Actors' Guild had boycotted the awards, the walkout would have probably dragged on into the summer months.

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