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    I resolve...

    uploaded-file-62664Happy New Year from the Blog Sea! New Years is a time of perpetual hope as we look to make a fresh start in our lives. We often begin the year with good intentions--resolutions--but by the time December rolls around we often find ourselves back in our wretched patterns again.  Then we beat ourselves up emotionally, take a deep breath, and resolve to try harder this year.  Generally speaking, I don't make resolutions, not only because I am so close to perfect (ya, right!), but because they're a set-up for failure.  For instance, I heard somewhere the other day that 50% of New Years Resolutions resolve around losing weight. So for the next three or four weeks the health club will be jammed packed with "resolutioners" trying to make good on their self-promises. Many of these people, mind you, made the same resolutions for 2007, 2006, etc.  So I'm thinking, maybe the idea isn't to set some lofty resolution and then collapse into failure mode when our means don't justify the end.  Maybe what we need to do is take small steps that we can easily control, guaranteeing us small successes that can lead us to greater ones. "I will work out three days this week", or "I will not buy cigarettes when I go to the grocery store," or, "Today I can clean the third shelf on the storage rack in the garage" and not dwell upon some fabulous image of ourselves thinner, smoke-free, or better organized. If "One Day at a Time" is a concept that works for alcoholics & drug addicts, why can't it work for simpler changes in life?

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