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    Are These Guys for Real?

    katherine_heigl_strike.jpgThe Acadamy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences got a blow from the Writers' Guild today when it was announced the Guild had denied the Acadamy a waiver to produce the 2008 Oscars in spite of the ongoing strike. A waiver? Are you kidding me? Don't these guys have any idea what "negotiations" and "collective bargaining" is all about? Asking the striking writers to endorse the Oscars is like Santa Claus asking striking Elves to endorse Christmas Eve with a promise to get back to the bargaining table on Dec. 26th. If the writers didn't know they had the producers by the balls over the Oscars, they certainly know now after the waiver request! Anyway, the first casualty of the strike, Fox's hit show "24", probably hasn't been impacted as negatively as you might think...that's because the star of the show, Keifer Sutherland, just got out of jail after 48 days behind bars for a DUI conviction and parole violation. Hey, the writers are generally a pretty talented lot, but it's kind of hard to write Jack Bauer out of the script of 24 for a months and a half! Meanwhile the strike drags on, although you gotta admit the view on this picket line is a lot better than anything the Teamsters could put together!

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