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    Wasted Time or What?

    Well, I didn't tell anyone but I recently sent a query letter out to an agent to look at my book. The response was a polite but trite, "Sorry, not for me." I gotta admit, it's kind of discouraging. You can spend your life pouring your heart and soul into a project like a book, and some agent who is basically a middleman looking to skim a percentage off of other people's talents can dismiss it all with a  "Sorry, not for me." I know, I gotta have a thicker skin in this business, but writing a novel is a lonely road, and sometimes I can't help but wonder if I could've become famous playing Grand Theft Auto or picking my nose on YouTube instead of trying to create something literary that has to survive the publisher's slush pile or the agent's fickle to even get read. I guess this blog is serving as a low-water mark that I can look back upon and laugh someday while sipping martinis with Tom Cruise and Stephen Speilberg, but even though I feel I'm doing some of my best editing and rewriting work lately my lifelong dream seems more remote than a possible date with Jessica Simpson. (Of course, now that Tony Romo is out of the Super Bowl picture, maybe my odds are a little better...) In the mean time, I guess I'll keep writing and blogging, because that's what writers do, if nothing else.

    By the way, while I was surfing the Blog Sea for links I came across this cool-looking fish call the Koi Wonder, no doubt a play off Batman's sidekick in green tights, from a site called Writer Beware sponsored by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. I'm more of an action-adventure guy myself, but it's an interesting site that warrants further explanation, and pictures of fish are always welcomed on the Blog Sea...koiwonder.jpg 

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