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    Hitting the Vacation Dimmer Switch

    sylvania300.jpgWell, that's about it for my vacation in 2007, this morning I took my last 4-hour morsel of Incentive Tiime. (Translated: extra time the company gives us for being able to crawl out of bed and drag ourselves to work on time for three straight months. Frankly, I don't know how I did it.) Now it's the long haul until Thanksgiving weekend, without another day off of my own until January. I'd like to say I charged up my batteries this weekend but there's really nothing relaxing about going to NHIS at Loudon, N.H. for the Nextel Cup race, unless you find your zen by standing in long bathroom lines and sitting in even longer traffic lines. The Bahrs do a pretty descent job running the track, and it's nice to have two Nextel Cup events in New England, but despite all the money they're making by packing in 110,000 people into the Concord NH market twice a year, the track really doesn't have that much to show for improving fan comfort since it opened its doors to Nextel Cup racing (then Winston Cup racing) in 1993. You'd think that a sponsor like Sylvania would be eager to post spotlights around the track and hold a Saturday night race under the lights--then the fans could really get excited to see a rookie like Clint Bowyer cream the field by 6.5 seconds, knowing Sunday morning they could have their 12-hour dose of NFL football. At least I know I would!bowyer.jpg

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