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    Stone Cold Sober

    Komisarjevsky2.jpgThe murder of the Petit family in Cheshire last month gets more bizarre every time it is updated. Yesterday in the Hartford Courant came the revelation that both of the perps, Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes, were NOT under the influence of alcohol or drugs when they committed the crimes of kidnapping, rape, aggrevated assault, arson, and murder (to name a few). Up to now I think everyone just assumed these creeps were wigging out on some sort of chemical that made them into homicidal Hayes2.jpgmaniacs, but no! This is how these guys think straight! Maybe everyone would've been better off if they were hopped up on drugs--it sure wouldn't have been any worse. I don't think anyone has a real grasp yet on what makes these guys tick, but I'd like to offer the suggestion that maybe a live dissection of their brains might offer some clues...

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