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    Protest This!

    Why does everything have to turn into a racial issue? This protest over the Petit home invasion is about the most ridiculous protest I have Petit%20Protest.jpgever seen in my life. "Actvists say if the family wasn't white or affluent, the crimes wouldn't have received as much attention," a WFSB.com article reads. Talk about bullshit race-card rhetoric. If three people were raped and torched to death on Albany Avenue, I don't believe for ONE SECOND that the media or the government would be sweeping it under the rug. It's almost like they're blaming the Petits because Bill Petit busted his ass all his life to become one of the best doctors in the state. Here's what Puerto Rican "activist" Francis Davila had to say to WFSB: "I don't think the attention would have been the same with a Puerto Rican family or an African American family or other families that don't have the privilege that the family in Cheshire has." What "privilege" is he talking about??? The "privilege" of being raped and murdered? Or the privilege of being consoled by family and friends after one's life has been completely wiped out by some dirtbags? Do us all a favor, Frances--put down you picket sign, go to medical school, and become a doctor. Maybe then you'll have a leg of credibility to stand on.  

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