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    Faith Plus Works

    I just returned from the Petit memorial service remembering Jennifer Hawke-Petit, 17-year old Hayley "Haze" Petit, and 11-year old Michela "KiKi" Petit, the three family members who were brutally slain by robbers-kidnappers-rapists-murderers Joshua Komisarjevsky and Steven Hayes early Monday morning. The heart-wrenching two-hour memorial service was held at Welte Hall at Central Connecticut State University and featured testimonials from the Petit, Hawke, and Renn families, along with comments from Hayley's Miss Porter School classmates and Jennifer's co-workers at the Cheshire Academy. Mourners were greeted by Rev. Richard Hawke, Jennifer's father, and Pastor Steve Volpe led us in prayer and sermonized the Petit family's guiding scripture, James 2:14-26, ready by Dr. Petit's sister and brother-in-law, Cindy and Bill Renn. "Without good works you cannot prove whether you have faith or not," the scripture reads, "but anyone can see I have faith by the way I act." With all of their charitable love, kindness, and humility, anyone can see the boundless faith the Petit girls held in their hearts.

    Welte Hall serves as a home for the New Britain Symphony Orchestra, an auditorium with 1,900 seats. There were so many relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, colleagues, and patients in attendance that several hundred had to be diverted to the CCSU Student Center to watch the memorial service on television. The most amazing part of the whole ceremony was when Dr. Petit Dr%20Petit%20memorial.jpgtook the stage and addressed the attendees in a twenty minute speech. (His address can be seen in video on WFSB.com, probably at other sites as well.) That he would even have the composure to speak to a large audience just five days removed from this horrific tragedy is incredible enough. That he would have the presence of mind to soothe our hearts with his gentle humor and insightful anecdotes, and inspire us to carry on the memory of his beautiful family through our own works of faith, is truly amazing.

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