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    Forked Over

    forkI stabbed myself with a fork last night. I'm not proud of it.  I was sitting at the bar at the Adams Mill Restaurant having a few beers and playing the TV trivia game, NTN Buzztime, when it happened, so I guess you could call it a trivial injury. I was wrestling with some sort of leafy green in the salad I was eating, and somehow the fork was knocked from my grasp. I tried to catch said fork before it fell to the floor but instead I ended up imbedding a tine into the palm of my hand. Next time I think I'll ask for a spoon instead. 

    Today I had to go to Quest Diagnostics to have some blood drawn and while I was filling out the paperwork I accidentally opened up my fork-wound. I asked the nurse for a Band-Aid and at first she tried to give me a Donald Duck one. For crying out loud, I just got over the embarassment of walking around the city in a Dept. of Corrections vest, now you want me to wear a Donald Duck band-aid?

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