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    Hayes.jpgHere's the pictures of the two "alleged" perps, described by the news media as "career criminals" out on parole at the time of the Petit family slaying. The one on the left, Steven Hayes, was reported to be on suicide watch. Ironically, if he had been suicidal before "allegedly" committing this heinous act, Dr. Petit probably could have helped him. The one on the right, Joshua Komisarjevsky, is a resident of Cheshire just like the Petits. If this was a crime against the community, as it surely was, then he has been walking  around the Cheshire folks like a wolf waiting to prey on the poor sheep. Shame on the correctional system for letting him back among the community--the Petits are paying the ultimate price for such leniancy.Komisarjevsky.jpg If our society believed in an eye for an eye then his house would be burnt to the ground and his family murdered, but that probably wouldn't faze a creep like him. If they are found guilty of the numerous charges against them, our judicial system will take care of them NOW, and you're probably looking at the pictures of Connecticut's two next death-row inmates, but all of that is too little too late for the poor, sweet Petit family.

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