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    Love Letter to Gov. Rell

    I guess I didn't learn my lesson from raking up trash on Broad Street last week, because last night I wrote another letter to Gov. Jodi Rell, a.k.a. Wilma Flintstone. A hippie dude from Clean Water Action came to my house last night and asked me for money, of which I have none. (I did give him one dollar.) We started talking and somehow got on the subject of diesel pollution in the state of CT and would I be willing to write a letter to the Honorable Governor M. Jodi Rell (What's with the "M."? I could never figure that out.) about using her power as Governor to issue an executive order that would require municipal buses and state construction equipment to be fitted with filtering devices that would capture 90% of noxious and toxic diesel emissions? (Was that a run-on sentence? I'm sorry.) Having rolled around on the jodi_rell2.jpgwilma_flintstone.jpgGovernor's bearskin rug last month as one of the universal health care "Naughty Nine" activists (which is what got me raking Big Mac wrappers in the first place), I said, "Sure, I would be happy to write my governor a letter", and I did. I mean, who could be against less pollution in the fine state of Connecticut, except maybe the CT Advocates for Pollution (a.k.a. the CBIA)? Anyway, I want to get back on this Wilma Flintstone thing. Has anyone ever seen Jodi and Wilma together in the same room? I think I'm on to something here!!!

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