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    Lift Shirt, Insert Knife

    hamlin.stewart.193The Pepsi 400 was another defining moment for NASCAR’s biggest brat, Tony Stewart. Stewart punted teammate Denny Hamlin into the wall on Lap 14, triggering a 7-car melee that also ruined the day for Reed Sorenson and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. Stewart wasn’t the least bit apologetic after the crash, as he took the opportunity to in his post-crash interview to slam Hamlin again, verbally. Stewart blamed the wreck on Hamlin, saying he was driving too slow and wouldn’t get out of the way, and that Hamlin had actually tried to wreck him in practice the day before. Hamlin claimed to have been hit twice by Stewart, saving himself from wrecking after the first contact before losing the handle after the second. Stewart tried to pass on the outside—the typical line after an intentional dump—but Hamlin’s car swerved back up the track to collect his teammate as well. The damaged cars may be fixed, but their damaged relationship may take more work. “ Even if it had been a situation where I would have wrecked him from behind, he still shouldn't have thrown me as far under the bus as he did,” Hamlin said in reflection. “I think every five, six months it seems like he kind of goes through a very angry stage. Evidently I set something off last weekend. But Tony is going to be Tony. He's always like that. I’m not saying it’s OK. But it’s just him.” You know the saying, Denny. With friends like that…

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