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    The Activist Hit List

    I must've made it on someone Activist mailing list because the day after I appeared in court for my civil disobedience at the Capitol, two female activists showed up at my front door pitching a group called the 1,000 Friends of Connecticut, of which I am apparently one. This Abbie%20Hoffman.jpggroup "supports growth that maximizes existing investment in infrastructure, protects farmlands, natural and historic resource, and provides jobs, education and affordable housing to all of Connecticuts residents, now and in the future", according to their brochure. I think they like bunnies, too. Anyway, I signed their petition and enrolled in their newsletter, and someday if Wal-Mart or Coca-Cola ever get around to sponsoring my blog, I'll send them some money too. I did give them a little treat, however: flexing my biceps behind my head, I told them I was a member of the "Naughty Nine" who were arrested outside Miss Daisy Rell's governorship office last week for sprawling on her carpet. The two activist girls giggled and said I was cool. I felt a little like Abbie Hoffman...

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