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    Healthcare Coming to a Head

    Well, it's June 2nd. There's only four more days of the legislative session after today and our do-nothing elected officials still can't come up with any way to ensure that its residents have adequate health care insurance. I am proud to be one of the 22 arrested yesterday for disorderly conduct and one of the "naughty nine" to sit in protest outside Governor Rell's office at the state capitol in Connecticut. Gov. Rell refused to acknowledge our presence and refuses to address the crisis of over 400,000 of her constituents. Her answer to our outcry was to say that the state is making steady progress in its effort to sign up all uninsured children in the HUSKY plan, without mention (of course) of what she considers "steady progress". (1 a day? 1 a week? Who knows?) That might be good news for the kids, but if you're 50 and unemployed and suffering from breast cancer, chances are you're SOLIC (Shit-outta-luck-in-Connecticut). But, hey, let's not chide the RellSunMascota.jpggovernor too hard, she's just trying to keep the CBIA and the Insurance Industry from complaining that the sky is falling every time some piece of legislation comes along to benefit the people. Besides, she's had many other important issues to attend to, like this photo shoot with the mascot for the Connecticut Sun WNBA team!   

    For more information on the Universal Health Care efforts in CT, click here!

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