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    The Saga Continues

    After going around and around with Dell's India-based technical support (How may wee help chu, Mr Joe?) , I finally had to call my local technician, Mr. Fixit, to take my XPS 400, Super Hal, away. Seems all Dell is interested in is closing out the work order by sending me a new computer, unfortunately the new XPS 410 system won't read my  hard drives from the 400 system, because one is configured in RAID and the other in Datasafe. (I think Super Hal got a little too much RAID because it killed him...dead!) While I knew I needed to back up my files, I just never got around to doing it, and as Tony Montana probably would've told me, "Look at you NOW, mutherf***er!" Let that be a lesson to you, scarface.jpgkiddies. Back up your hard drives or the next thing you know your computer's inerts will be splattered all over the wall like a sawed-off shotgun to the back of the head! Now I just have to hope that Mr Fixit comes through or it's bye-bye files for a year in a half. D'OH!

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