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    Another Bundle of Joy

    tom_Katie%20wed.jpgHold on to your placentas, ladies...Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are at it again! I just heard on some radio gossip show today that the couple is OFFICIALLY attempting to have a second child. (Tom must be hungry.) My question is, how do you make "having a baby" official? Do you have to fill out paperwork? Do you have to pay a licensing fee?  Is there an official copulate position?  If so, does it make the sex more or less exciting? (My guess is "less".) And even if it's true, even if I'm completely in the dark on matters like this (which I usually am) and it's possible to have official sex, and even if Tom and Katie proclaimed their hot and sweaty officiality to each other amidst rose pedals and floating candles (hey, there's a plug for my wife, no pun intended)...is it something the masses need to hear about in their cars on the way home from work??? I mean, I didn't mind watching Tom boink Rebecca De Mornay on a train in Risky Business, but this is my personal vehicle we're talking about here!



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