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    Get on Your Bike and Ride!

    With the increase in my waistline superceded only by the surging gas prices (which are inexplicably back over $3 a gallon), I've decided it's time to get off my fat ass and start taking my bicycle to work. I'm also in the process of gathering information for a bicycle safety article that I hope to submit for our June "EHS Matters" publication at Pratt & Whitney. One of our civil engineers (you know, the guys who never stopped playing with their Tonka trucks) found out I was planning to write this article, so he sent me a link to a pretty intuitive website on bicycle safety called, of all things, Bicyclesafe.com, maintained by a cycling enthusiast named Michael Bluejay. Bluejay offers a unique perspective that wearing a helmet and obeying the law is NOT enough to keep cyclists from getting splattered on the streets, and some of bikesafe-banner.gifhis links (like this one to Riin's Rants) describe pretty graphically how cyclists can be thrown into the paths of oncoming buses and 18-wheelers. Yuk! I've had the unfortunate experience of seeing internet photos of a motorcyclist who got shredded under the rear wheels of a semi, and it's something that isn't easily forgotten. Anyway, if you're a cyclist or you have kids who are, I recommend you check out Bluejay's site, it's got some great information about "How Not to Get Hit by Cars".  

    Reader Comments (2)

    wow, you are getting old. Bike safety? Your sport teams must now be declared officially dead. Just kidding. Will have my kids check out the site. Thanks.
    May 1, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermark
    It's okay for some people to get hit by cars!
    May 3, 2007 | Unregistered Commenterjoeydee

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