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    Story of My Life

    I'm trying to get back into the blogging groove but it's been 10 days--actually 10 business days--since Dell told me they were going to send me a new computer. I'm using my old Dell XPS T500 which I bought in like 1996, and blogging on it just feels like riding down Sunset Strip in an '88 Honda Accord when the Corvette is in the shop. Not that I have any idea how any of that feels. So while it's hard to get my bearings straight in the Blog Sea lately, I do have a couple of tidbits to write about, so here goes.

    •  I  got an email from Technorati asking me to take a survey about widgets, and if I used them on my blog site. I didn't even know what a widget was! (Hope that wasn't something I was supposed to learn in class last semester, because if it was, I missed that boat!) I went to a site called widgitbox and it looks like something I might want to try, but not until I get my new computer, which is whenever Dell gets off their Duff and sends me one. (You know, those Macs are looking better and better every day...) I tried to add a Squarespace widgit on for an RSS feed to my site but all of this is sailing over my head like the aurora borealis to an ignorant eskimo. I can't get too radical with the technology right now because if I crash this computer I am completely dead in the water!
    • Did anyone else think that Idol Gives Back last night was about a half hour too long? How about an hour? Two hours? What the hell was Annie Lennox singing? It was supposed to be Bridge Over Troubled Waters but it sure didn't sound like Paul or Art or even Clay Aiken for that matter.  She sounded more like Crash Test Dummies to me (which isn't a good thing.)
    • I finally finished my report from the last summer session at Trinity College on Thomas Paine, the revolutionary era writer. Let's see, it's only about 8 months late. I tried to drop it off last night but couldn't find the professor and his office was locked up tighter than a Taliban virgin. Today I sent a groveling email to him asking to please read my report. I feel so dirty.

    Well, that's it. Time for a nap.

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    your paper for Trinity sounds alot like your budget rewrites. Some things never change........
    May 1, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermark

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