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    Very Angry Indeed!

    marvinmartian.gifJeff Gordon looked pretty peeved at the end of the Goody's Cool Orange 500 at Martinsville Speedway on Sunday, having JJJeffy.jpgbeen shut down cold by his teammate Jimmie Johnson (a.k.a. Jeff Gordon Jr.). It probably wasn't the fact the Gordon had the better car, or even the fact that J.J. pinched him low on the final lap--what really must've ticked him off was the fact that Johnson's car was dead last in Happy Hour, and the #24 DuPont team gave the #48 Lowe's team their racing set-up! So, it's like, "Thanks for your help, and by the way, how 'bout a swift kick in the ass?" So you can't blame Jeff for looking a little like Marvin the Martian coming out of the reintegrator after being disintegrated.  "Oooo! Oooo! You've made me very angry, Jimmie! Very angry indeed! 

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