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    Lobbyist for a Day

    ct state capitol.jpgYesterday I went to the State Capitol to help lobby for universal health care in Connecticut. It was a long day on my feet in my 20-year old Hush Puppies, but I definitely saw another side to how our government operates, and it was pretty intoxicating getting to meet various representatives of the state residents and trying to persuade them to support our position. The scary thing is how little some of our representatives are informed, and some of the misconceptions that they already have about UHC. Like we can't afford it, like we are going to be driving thousands of people out onto the streets from their good paying insurance jobs. We can thank Chris keating and the Hartford Courant for that misinformed hack job.  Here's the bottom line: Connecticut has lost 193,000 manufacturing jobs due to outsourcing, the main reason being it's cheaper for companies to do business elsewhere. One of the reasons that is so is because other countries have a single-payer healthcare system that doesn't treat their constituents' health like a stock market index, and the companies in those countries don't have to add all those health care costs into their bottom line. Until companies stop trying to get rich on the administration of health care, we won't see true reform and we'll continue to see insurance CEOs rake in record compensation packages while the poor, the indigent, and the unfortunate are driven into sickness and financial ruin.

    When universal health care is achieved, the job entrapment, the retirement anxiety, the workers compensation feuds, the food vs. medicine dilemma, the outrageous copays and deductibles, the lion's share of labor strife, all of that stuff starts to fade away. Sure, there may be some "displacement" (as State Senator Gary LeBeau euphemized it yesterday) of 22,000 insurance workers, but the role of the insurance companies are still open for debate at this time and even if they dried up and blew away, the influx of money into the private sector would undoubtedly create more jobs to offset the losses. Certainly the state can help with that aspect, too, as the State of Ohio had suggested doing under similar circumstances. People complain all the time about our economy shifting from a manufacturing base to a sevice base, but the state government and business lobbyists are intent on protecting a flawed system that saps the strength of other industries and the citizenship of Connecticut.

    Please join us in support of Universal Health Care for Connecticut on Saturday, May 5th from 11 to 1 p.m. at Bushnell Park in Hartford. Can't make it but want to get involved? Click on the link above for more information. If we as citizens don't take action now, things will probably only get worse by this time next year.

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    Amen my brother. If I show can I get a free ride on the carosel?
    May 1, 2007 | Unregistered Commentermark

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