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    A Little Bit Faster Now...

    Nickelback.jpgOn my way home from work today, I heard the song "Photograph" by Nickelback, played on a local Hartford station, WCCC. Now, I don't listen to WCCC too often for a couple of reasons:  first, they used to have Howard Stern on in the morning, and nothing against Howard, but I just don't like to hear a lot of talk radio in the morning, I like to hear music, so I just got in the habit of not pushing that button on my radio. (My friend Al is just the opposite, he can't stand to hear music in the morning, he would rather hear talk radio. I don't know what makes us different like that.) The second reason is that WCCC plays a lot of heavy metal rock, and while I can take some in small doses, if I hear too much in my truck I start road raging.

    But today I had WCCC on and a heard this song "Photograph", which isn't a new song anymore--it's made the complete pop circuit, and it's been hacked up to fit into meglo-corporate-maniac world that says all deejays must talk over every instrumental lead-in on each and every song and telling people the name of what they're listening to from time to time is just a waste of effin' time. Independant radio stations like WCCC, WPLR, and WAQY tend to have wider play lists and aren't so worried about squeezing in the next Home Depot commercial, so they're more apt to play the full song, not some hacked up version that sounds like a bad boob job. I like the long version of "Photograph" a lot, and for some reason the version on WCCC sounded even better than usual. To tell you the truth, it sounded a little s-l-o-w-e-r than what I'm used to hearing on the pop stations, blind_melon.jpgwhich made it sound clearer, I think. In the past I've suspected that the conglomeradio stations actually tinker with the speed of the song, making it play justalittlefaster so that they can play a 3:00 song in 2:55. Do that 6 times and you can fit in another Home Depot commercial. What a concept! Most songs it's almost impossible to tell the difference--if it's even true--but one time I heard the Blind Melon song "No Rain"--you know, the one with the Bee-Girl in the video--and it sounded so fast I had to check my pulse to make sure my heart wasn't palpitating. I was just wondering if anyone else has ever noticed the phenomenom of songs playing faster, or if I'm just losing my mind...

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