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    You and your Razr Phone are Outta Here!!!

    motorola logo.gifTalk about antitrust lawsuits. NASCAR has informed driver Robbie Gordon that he cannot display sponsor Motorola's logo on his car, presumably because Motorola is in direct competition with NASCAR's primary sponsor, Nextel. Of course, you probably will never hear a word of this on NASCAR.com, the sport pristine propaganda machine that never speaks an ill word of Nextel or its resident God of the sport, Brian France. However, if you go to Robbie's driver page on NASCAR.com, you will see that his image has been shadowed out like he's dead of outcast or something! Seriously, if NASCAR was a country, it would be located somewhere in the Soviet bloc or the Third Reich.  Rumor has it that Jeff Burton will also soon be denied using placing his sponsor's logo on the hood of his car. Burton has been sponsored by Cingular Wireless, another Nextel competitor, but since Cingular was involved in the sport before Nextel became the chief sponsor, they were grandfathered into their sponsorship. Now that Cingular and AT&T have merged, however, the Nextel thugs presumable want to toss them out. Maybe they should just make a better phone. I would compare this situation to Miller Lite buying the rights to the NFL and telling Budweiser to hit the road--there must be some kind of fair competition laws that are getting stomped on. In the meantime, get used the Nextel shakedown on the Nascar cicuit, and don't be surprises if some day in the near future you're forced to leave your Verizon or Cingular phone at the gate before they let you in to the track!

    (This blog site is not sponsored by Nextel or NASCAR. Obviously.)

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