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    Lost Bear, Found Beer

    greatlostbear.jpgWell, I'm back from an overnight trip to Portland, Maine, a dreary little three-hour trip made drearier by the fact that we had to go for a funeral for my wife Wendy's 2nd cousin Ron. Portland is a nice enough town, albeit overrun by Red Sox fans, but then again so is Connecticut. The bright spot of the trip was dinner, Wendy, her brother Tim and I avoided the trip to the cookie-cutter Ruby Tuesday restaurant across the street from our hotel in search of a sports bar or something with a little more charisma. What we found was a neat little bar on Forest Street called the Great Lost Bear, with 54 beers on tap and Buffalo wings with a Hell Fire sauce that was just as tasty as it was hot. I don't like to break the Cardinal Rule of Blogging by writing about what I ate for lunch, but I will say the chili lived up to its reputation, the grilled mushrooms and peppercorn sauce were amazing, and the spanikopita (spinich pastry) was a pleasant surprise. Of course, I'm not much of a food critic, I don't like to criticize food because it might take offense and leave me...and then what would I do?! The culture was a little different from what we're used to in CT--one couple was sucking face right at the bar, one of the local gals looked like she could gut and skin a goat in less than 3 minutes, and then there was the bartender with her own fan club and the other one who insisted on calling Jagermeister by its proper name instead of the casual "Yay-Grr" that Tim and I are used to. But the Sierra Nevadas, Smuttynose IPAs, and Geary Stouts made us feel right at home. If you're ever in Portland looking for a fun night out, I recommend checking it out, but BYOB (Bring Your Own Barstool) because sitting on the ones in the restaurant were like balancing on a unicycle. You also might want to bring something to chuck at the waitstaff to get their attention (the mushrooms will work nicely), but the good food and the rustic atmostphere are well worth the minor inconveniences. 

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