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    A Letter from Jon Green, Executive Director, CT Working Familes:

    CT Working Families Issue Update: Health Care


    Universal Healthcare has 2-1 margin of support!

    Results: 64-31

    Those are the results of a Quinnipiac poll released yesterday asking whether it is 'the government's responsibility to make sure that everyone in the United States has adequate health-care.' 64-31.

    If those were election returns, it would be a tremendous landslide. Tell your friends we're the majority: forward this email!

    That's right-Americans support universal health care by more than 2 to 1. Even more telling is that a majority (albeit a smaller one) still support universal healthcare, even if it means 'pay[ing] more in federal taxes.'

    In polls like this, that's usually the kicker. People support a good idea, but balk at having to pay for it. But here, even understanding it won't be free, universal healthcare remains victorious, with a clear majority, 53-42.

    Hopefully elected officials across Connecticut and across the country will listen up. Most of us believe that the government is responsible for making sure everyone has health insurance.

    One person in that 31% minority is John R. Rathgeber. He's the President of the Connecticut Business and Industry Association. In the 'From the President' Column in the February CBIA News, he says the following:

    "Simply adding more people to public insurance rolls, or mandating universal coverage, or creating a government run system will not solve the problem. A single-payer system would not have incentives to contain costs and improve health care quality."

    Well, Mr. Rathgeber, I beg to differ. Adding people to the public insurance rolls would be a huge step in the right direction. You don't see senior begging to get off Medicare and trying to buy insurance on the private market. Medicare has extremely low administrative costs, no profits, and no huge executive pay packages. But right now in this country, we pay more for health care than other industrialized countries and get less-millions of people are still uninsured. All because of our inefficient multi-payer system.

    The time to push for universal healthcare is now. Good thing twice as many people agree with us as with Mr. Rathgeber and the CBIA.

    Now, we've just got to make sure that everyone knows we're in the majority--and if we organize, it won't be long before we can make some change. So forward this email to five friends. There's a link right at the bottom of this email to make it easy. And if you're the friend that had this forwarded, click the 'Join Our Mailing List' button--and we'll keep you up to date on the fight for universal healthcare in Connecticut , and tell you how you can help!

    Also: This morning at the Legislative Office Building , the Public Health Committee is holding a hearing on HB. 6693 - An Act Concerning Creation of a State Health Care Plan. Check the Working Families Blog this afternoon to read a report on how it went.

    That's it for now. Read the papers, pay your dues, and organize.

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