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    Whatza Behind Me eez Not Important

    California may not have the OC anymore, but they still have NASCAR racing, as in the Auto Club 500 this Sunday.  The race will be televised on FOX, the network which coincidentally axed the OC and is starting up a new series called "Drive". Have you seen the previews to this show? Are you kidding me? In what episode do the characters walk around whispering "Gumball" to each other?  Is there like NO originality in Hollywood anymore? I mean, I know they shamelessly raped virtually every DC Comic series ever to come up with movie ideas (although I'm still waiting for Thor and the Green Lantern...) but coming up with a TV series that's a cross between Cannonball Run and the Amazing Race with that Prison Break feel...well, that's just effin' brilliant!!! Throw in a couple of regurgitated 80's songs sung by Rod Stewart (no relation to Tony Stewart, least I don't think so) and you got yourself a winner, pal! Rod Stewart.jpg

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