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    Racing vs. Baseball

    My fellow blogger Jimbo recently asked for 5 reasons why he should care about NASCAR with Major League pitchers and catchers due to report to training camp next week. Here's what I've come up with:

    1. In auto racing, your legs never get tired running laps during spring training.
    2. Taking steroids won't help you drive any faster in NASCAR.
    3. You never see race car owners trying to buy into baseball teams, but the opposite is not true, a la John Henry.
    4. NASCAR's version of the "brushback pitch" usually results in thousands of dollars in damage and debris scattered across hundreds of yards, and it's a whole lot more fun to watch.
    5. In NASCAR, the fans don't get to vote on who their "All-Stars" are. In fact, you can't even hear them when the game is being played. Everything worth saying is said on the track.

    Not to mention, NASCAR fans have way hotter babes at the track. Not that I notice. Uh oh, here comes the Mrs. with the rolling pin again...

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