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    Another Fine Mess I've Gotten Into

    dollars.jpgHere we go again. Today I received an URGENT call from my bank to PLEASE CALL right away. That usually doesn't result in anything good. Sure enough, when I called, the girl at my bank told me that the new checks I ordered online all had the wrong checking account number on them. In fact, the first one I wrote already cleared some poor sap's account! Of course, my first reaction was to blame the company that printed the checks, until I realized that I had a Moment of Dyslexia and transposed two of the numbers on the account number when submitting the order. D'OH! I wouldn't have minded if I just had to throw out the brand new boxes of songbird and kitty kat checks I just order for me and the wife, but I had just mailed out checks for seven bills the night before, and I just found out they were ALL BAD. And even though I get FREE stop payments on my nifty Legacy Checking account at Sovereign, that only applies to checks written on MY account and not on someone ELSE's! So, after submitting my checks to the bank for confiscation, I had to call all seven companies that I had just paid and explain to them how I screwed up and PLEASE don't sock me with a returned check fee! And I'm not talking about Bob's Hardware Shop, here, I'm talking about companies like Sears and Sam's and DirecTV that have about a hundred numbers you have to punch just to talk to a human. I think I got it mostly straightened out, but several of them said I might have to call back after they charge me the fee, and hopefully they can reimburse me after making a notation in my account today.  Boy, THAT sounds promising! One word of advice--if you order checks...double-check the numbers!!!

    Reader Comments (2)

    WAAAAAAAA I bounced a couple of checks. Pay your bills on line like the rest of the 21 Century.
    Feb 19, 2007 | Unregistered CommenterBig Wheels
    We can't All have our wives run the homestead while we hobnob around Paris, BW...
    Feb 20, 2007 | Registered CommenterJoey

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